Inspire Positive Conversations!


These cards are for individuals and groups working in the areas of education, inclusion support, health care, wellness, mental health, leadership, social work, community outreach, social services, and non-profit agencies.

  • Help your students, team or group to collaborate successfully together
  • Renew hope and inspiration for yourself and your team
  • Create opportunities for you and your team to navigate change with success
  • Increase the levels of wellbeing for everyone you work with
  • Inspire conversations that bring out the best in any team
  • Reconnect to your greatest professional and personal purposes

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About the cards:

As someone in a leadership position, it can be difficult to find tools, resources and strategies to continuously bring out the best in the group you are leading, teaching or supporting. You want to support your group and help them reach their greatest potential, especially considering how quickly everything is moving, and the changes you and your team are navigating. You would like to increase the ways your group successfully collaborates, and you and your team are looking for ways to stay inspired and reinspired for the important work you all are doing. These cards are designed to bring out the best in you, your team, and each other!

Who these cards are for:

Any group working to make a positive difference. 

Ways to use these cards:

  • At the start of a meeting
  • To begin a dialogue
  • Within a professional retreat
  • As individual and group reflection
  • To strengthen collaborations
  • Within a classroom
  • During times of change

About the themes:

The questions are designed around the themes of community, identity, and collaboration. These themes are essential for individuals and groups to consider and discuss in order to navigate change together, while striving to improve their organization’s focus and success.

As used by:

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Frequently Asked Questions

 A. No, each card contains a question designed to create discussion for individuals, between colleagues or within a team

A. Change can leave people feeling overwhelmed, fearful, frustrated and distracted. For groups who are working to make a difference, it is essential that they use change rather than be used by it. These cards will help people stay focused, and navigate change successfully together.

 A. Yes, many people use these cards individually to get inspiration or to think about their work and life. Others use them to start new kinds of conversations with their colleagues and teams.

 A. It depends. You can use one question as part of a meeting, or certain themes as part of a professional retreat.

 A. If you haven’t already done so, please sign up for my newsletter and receive a free document that provides you with ways to use these cards.

 A. Yes! Please sign up for my newsletter and receive three cards with suggested ways to use them.

 A. If your group is working to make a difference, I run half-day and full-day retreats around the themes of these cards. Send me an email and let’s chat.

 A. There are 30 questions in the packet. You can provide one card per person, or have partners or teams discuss one card. You can be as creative as you like based on the size of your group.

 A. You can start your professional retreats with these questions, embed them into meetings, or use the cards in the middle of the school year to strengthen successful classroom collaborations.

Inspiration Guaranteed!

My mission is to inspire and reinspire innovative organisations for the work they do for our world. If after purchasing these cards you find they do not support you or your colleagues here’s my inspiration guarantee:

1. If you are not happy with these cards for any reason, let me know and you will be refunded the price of the purchase, minus a small processing fee.

2. After your refund, I simply ask that you pass the cards along to a person or group whom you believe would use these cards for their benefit. You get your money back and get to be generous at the same time!

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