weddingDo you sometimes find it challenging to support your team?

Whether it’s your students, your team, or the network you lead, you might find that is all starts off well, but over time, the group doesn’t remain at their optimal potential.

Even if you feel confident in your abilities to bring out the best in a team, it can be hard for a group to always see eye-to-eye, consistently have the same vision, or always get along.

That’s why I hope you think like a wedding planner.

A wedding planner is a master at creating a scene that brings out the best in everyone.  And if you like one, you think like one, you’ll create additional ways to support your team’s success.

Here are 4 ways to think like a wedding planner:

1.  Set up for success:  If you think like a wedding planner, you’ll set up the scene well before the guests arrive.  Whether it’s your classroom, office or meeting space, the set up of the location is essential.  If your session involves people working together, be sure to arrange the tables and chairs in a way that best supports these outcomes ahead of time.  If you want partners speaking with each other, be sure to set up chairs close enough together for this to happen naturally.  The key is to set-up well before anyone arrives (tables and chairs, technology, heating and cooling, lighting, etc.) so the party begins the moment everyone walks in.

2.  Create a seating plan:  To bring out the best in everyone, a wedding planner knows that where people sit is key.  That’s why s/he creates a seating plan prior to guests arriving.  You can use the same proactive system in your meetings or classrooms.  Consider where you believe everyone should sit, and have name tags on the tables prior to everyone walking in.

3.  Use music:  Nothing creates a positive mood better than music.  Consider having upbeat music playing prior to people entering the session.  I’ve seen some very tough groups turn into playful kids by the kinds of music that was playing prior to the session starting.  A wedding planning carefully selects music that brings out the best in everyone.  You can too!

4.  Welcome each person:  How people feel as they enter the session is important.  You can create a great feeling by welcoming people as they walk into the room.  Shake hands.  Sit next to people and say hello.  Invite people to introduce themselves to others prior to the session starting.

We hire wedding planners to create a memorable party.  As a leader who thinks like a wedding planner, you can proactively set the stage for your continued success.

And your team’s success is a success for our world!

A Question For You:  
What is one strategy you use to support your team’s success? Share your ideas below and help inspire others!