inspireA car needs fuel to drive.
A plant needs water and sun to grow.
A sailboat needs wind to sail.

And people working to make a difference (that’s you!) need inspiration to thrive.

True inspiration is not “rah, rah, everything is okay, just be happy.” Rather, inspiration is an inner journey, that reconnects people to their values, intentions, and highest purposes.

But how do you unleash inspiration for yourself, staff, students, team, and each other for the important work you do for our world?  Below I offer three tips:

1.  Reconnect to the greater purpose:
People in giving, changing, or leading professions often have a reason, purpose or history that brings them to the work they do.  Creating ongoing opportunities for individuals and groups to reconnect to that purpose is an important way to help unleash inspiration for individuals and groups for the work they are doing. If you are a leader, you have a unique opportunity to help reconnect people and teams to the purposes and meaning behind their work.  When you do this, you will help unleash inspiration for everyone.

2.  Celebrate what is working.
Nothing unleashes inspiration more than hearing what is working well.  For people working to make a difference (that’s you!) it is essential that we hear and share the positive things taking place because of our individual and collective efforts.  Find the time, on an ongoing basis, for individuals and groups to share success stories, to discuss what is going well, and to share examples of positive outcomes the work is generating.

3.  Connect to wellbeing.  I
t’s much easier to stay inspired when we are living lives as healed warriors.  Because when we are healed warriors, we are ensuring we are living lives that are congruent, purposeful, healthy, and free from continuous chaos.  As such, it is important to ensure wellbeing and wellness are on top of the list of meetings, retreats, and professional development sessions.

Finally, I must say, what inspires me is YOU.  The work you do in education, mental health, wellness, social inclusion, leadership, and other change-making professions, reminds me daily that we are in good hands.  Thank you for the important work you do for our world.