stopThere is a common need that unifies the different groups I work with. Whether their work is in health, wellness, social inclusion, mental health, education, leadership, or other helping professions, they are linked by the vital, ongoing, powerful need, to simply stop together.

Why stop together? Because the business of our systems, the demand of our work, the changes to budgets, governments, or leadership teams, can disconnect us from our work and from each other. Over time, our profssional visions and intentions, our community and collaborations, and our own wellness, can evaporate, and we can be left trying to remember why we are doing the work we do, or even worse, believing our work is making little impact.
From my own work, I have seen how stopping together is a vital, powerful tool, that allows individuals, groups, and organisations to:

Allow wisdom to emerge
Understand what they collectively care about
Speak to each other about the things that matter
Work together as healed warrior
Reengage, reimagine, and reinspire themselves

Stopping together means making an ongoing commitment to move away from our desks, offices, classrooms, computers, isolation, and to come together to have real connections, conversations, and experiences. We can’t give from an empty cup. Whether you hold a retreat, extend a morning tea or lunch break, or replace a meeting with a walk…together, stopping together is a vital tool to renew our inspiration, and fill the cup back up!