Helping Teachers Worldwide Unleash Learning in their Classrooms

I entered the world of teaching with high hopes and starry eyes…I wanted to change the lives of my students and make a big impact.

Little did I know what I was in for…

Endless paperwork, behaviour issues, lack of class engagement and in some cases…plain disinterest from my students were driving my stress levels to heights that I had never experienced in my life before.

No matter what I tried and how hard I reached out to my students…

…it just didn’t work.

I felt so alone…I even started to suffer from insomnia.

Heck, I became so disillusioned that I seriously considered giving up teaching as a profession.

But something inside of me felt I wasn’t done yet…

…I needed ensure that I was doing everything possible to try and turn things around.

“I believe that learning, when it’s unleashed, can positively impact a person’s life and help our world get better.”

That’s when I found my mentors.

With their encouragement and guidance, I discovered new simple tactics that I employed in my classrooms that worked…surprisingly well.

Spurred on by such wins, I continued to pursue my doctorate in Teaching…

…and did a complete 180% turnaround in my teaching career…

…culminating in being awarded the ‘San Diego Teacher of the Year’ (where I was selected among 26,000 teachers).

Since then, I realized that my greatest value is in helping other teachers with the tools and techniques that I have developed over the years…

…to unleash learning in classrooms all over the world.

Simply put, I believe in teachers and I believe that they’re a powerful force that can change the world for the better…

…my mission is to empower teachers to unlock their full potential and unleash positive learning in their classrooms.

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How William can help You Unleash Learning in Your School


Unleash Learning professional development workshops are highly engaging and involve everyone. Teachers who were initially reluctant to allow others into their classes are now keen to use the program to implement improvements.

Mrs Genevieve Simson, College Principal, Victoria University Secondary College. Melbourne, Australia

The course has definitely given me a focus on how I can further improve and deepen my lessons and have students lifting the weights and maximising their engagement and achievement.

Matthew Murray, Mathematics and PDHPE Teacher, Wyong High School

Our teachers are talking about how they are now designing learning opportunities for students to be active participants, and that they are watching student engagement and participation increase as a result.

Julie Bennet, Induction Resource Teacher, Teacher Preparation & Support. San Diego City Schools

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